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Simple templates for remarkable
display advertising

Target people that visited your competitors locations:

Our goal is to constantly push the limits of advertising through bleeding edge technology.

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Select a targeting template

When you first login to the platform you can select from straightforward templates ready to bring you new business.

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Customize the campaign

Next you will have the option to customize your campaign further to go after your exact ideal customer.

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Hit go!

Launch your campaign and watch as new business flows in via our reporting dashboard page.

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A few of the over 1000+ happy brands that have used our templates:

“Health and Fitness is a very competitive space. Meteora helps us con- stantly be in front of our customers at the right time, communicating the right message, for the lowest possible ad price. Creating conversions with up to a 32x ROI!” -

Simple pricing - No fuss.

With Meteora you simply pay for your ads to be shown to your target audience. In order to show those ads Meteora needs to use your campaign budget to pay website owners for their ad slots when your potential customers show up on their sites. When you create an advertising campaign you can simply pick a daily budget that meets your needs. Meteora's job is to spend your budget as efficiently as possible and for doing so we take a small percentage of each ad that's delivered.

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