The 4 Best Resolutions to Set for Your Business This Year

It’s that time again.

Everyone’s begun setting goals and searching for the motivation to make improvements. Whether this year you’re swearing to keep the pounds off for good or to drop the tobacco habit, we’re all aiming high.

Self-improvement is an invaluable investment, but how much time have you spent setting resolutions for your business? As Q4 approaches its end, we’re looking forward to a New Year full of possibilities. As you sip your eggnog and reflect back on the last four quarters, where do you see that you can make improvements?

Here are Meteora’s top 4 resolutions for businesses to implement this year:

  1. Retarget. If your business isn’t using retargeting yet, you’re losing out. There’s an incredibly large pool of buyers online, searching for companies like yours. I assure you that competitors are talking to these buyers, so it’s time for you to make your move. The more that you make yourself available to interested viewers, the more sales you create online, and the more money your company can pocket. Like momma always said, you snooze you lose.

  2. Use better creative. Make your ads more attractive. If you saw the ads that your company was posting, would you care to click on it? Choose a powerful call to action and an attractive visual. Your wording should be short, sweet and to the point. Maybe I’m hungry, but the first analogy that came to my mind was about chocolate. Delicious, perfect dark chocolate with some fancy dried fruit to be exact. If someone sets a delicious piece of chocolate in front of me, it’s going to be way harder to resist it than when it was hidden in the pantry. Eventually, even if I resist at first, I’ll probably cave in. With the proper creative, you can make your products irresistible. You can make the most delightful looking chocolates buyers have ever seen. They’ll have to show restraint to avoid falling under its spell.                                                                                          


  1. Tighten up your landing pages. This one’s massively important. Once you’ve gained someone’s attention, they’re expecting an equally appealing, relevant, landing page. Messing up at this point is like mistaking your company party for a costume party and showing up dressed like a donkey. At least thats what they’ll feel like. Don’t betray buyers trust by leading them to irrelevant, confusing or just plain terrible pages.

  2. Launch a campaign on Meteora’s killer platform. Whether you’re a retargeting rookie or you’ve used it in the past, our platform is meant for you. We’re masters in the art of site retargeting, and we know that our value is unmatched. There’s plenty of reasons why brands that already retarget with other platforms are adding us to their marketing ammunition. We love working with the top dogs and the emerging small brands. We help companies gain a voice in an oversaturated market place, and that makes us proud to do what we do. Launch a campaign and your brand will be shouting from the rooftop for everyone to hear. Well, the people that care will be there, ready to listen. And buy.

If you’re not sure that your website is ready for retargeting or you want to know more about good creative and landing pages, check out this blog post.

Let’s do it right this year.



photo credit: EpicFireworks via photopin cc

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