4 Reasons Retargeting is Similar to Throwing a Great Party

Retargeting Party

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re planning a wedding. You invite the essentials – close family and friends – and you may choose to let guests bring significant others. Knowing that you’ll be charged for each person that attends, you’ve determined that you are going to have to be picky about who you invite to the after-party. You’ll rack up the bill pretty quickly if Aunt Sue brings her boyfriend and three other tagalongs to the reception. To avoid paying for people that don’t add value to your experience, you choose to limit the number of guests that can attend. Knowing that you’ll never see those random attendees again, let alone remember their first name, you don’t really see the point in wrecking your finances to fund their good time.

That’s pretty similar to what retargeting aims to accomplish. You’re marrying the ads to the most valuable viewers. Surprisingly enough, planning a party has more in common with retargeting than you may have thought. Here’s some sound event hosting advice that we’ve discovered translates well into the digital advertising world.

Thoughtfully build a guest list. Just as you handpick the most desirable invitees, finding the best crowd to advertise to is critical to the success of your campaigns. With Meteora, you are only sharing ads with users that have previously expressed interest in your product. To specialize your campaigns even further, you can curate custom guest lists based on your audience’s behavior on specific areas of your site. Retargeting allows you to speak to a highly engaged audience while providing custom, relevant offers to them. Since these people have already visited your site and showed intention to purchase, you can reasonably believe that showing your ads to them is a sound investment.

Remind guests about your event often enough for them to remember. You also want to be mindful of doing it rarely enough that they’re not tired of hearing about it. No one wants to be the annoying friend, and you don’t want to be the annoying advertiser. Meteora lets you set parameters with frequency capping to ensure that your ads aren’t being overshown. Industry default used to suggest advertisers limit their frequency to three views per 24 hours, but now you have the freedom to sync the pace of your messaging according to your audience. March to the beat of your own drum and set caps on campaigns down to the hour! Keep things fresh for viewers by mixing things up with varying copy and images. It’s great to keep your brand on buyer’s minds, but you don’t want it to be because they’re plotting a strategy to avoid you. Variety is the spice of life!

Get advice from people who have hosted legendary parties before you. Meteora’s retargeting experts are well informed about what makes campaigns succeed. Our accounts team is always ready to lend a hand and offer tips to improve your campaign’s performance. We even offer tools that give advice in real time. As you construct campaigns in our campaign builder, the righthand side of your screen makes suggestions to increase performance. After your campaigns are established and running, you can see exactly where your ads perform best using our new reporting feature. From there, you can make informed decisions about the future of your campaigns, such as enabling whitelisting and blacklisting. This allows you to advertise on a specific set of sites or to restrict ads from being placed on undesirable sites.

Recognize the appeal of all-inclusive packages and how you’ll benefit. Meteora’s platform includes the extras that other companies charge for. Our aim is to make retargeting as simple for our clients as possible, so we’ve added bonus features for our users – such as a built-in ad creator – for free. We even offer the tools to create dynamic ads that are specific to unique viewers, featuring individual items they showed a higher intent to purchase. Meteora shortens your digital marketing to-do list so that you can spend less time outsourcing and more time doing what matters to you.

Ready to host the best retargeting campaign your business has ever thrown? Meteora’s retargeting platform makes digital advertising more cost effective and valuable for companies than ever before. To speak with an accounts representative and start celebrating your new supply of clients, email accounts@meteora.co

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