9 Ways to Host More Successful Campaigns

Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple checklist to refer back to. A lot goes into building campaigns, and we want to keep you on track. We’ve compiled a list of some best practices to make your campaigns more successful. These nine tips pack a punch and will lead you to earning the most benefit from your Meteora campaigns.

  1. Know your audience. Before you start spending money on advertising, you need to know who you want to see your campaigns. Do some research and define typical or ideal consumers for your product. You’ve probably done an exercise like this before, but it is just as important to use this information to craft your display campaigns as it is in any of your other marketing endeavors.

  2. Incorporate prospecting. Now that you know what kind of audience that you’re looking for, expand your reach with prospecting. Choose from a variety of prospecting techniques within Meteora’s Advanced Targeting Suite to grow your user pool, and you’ll be able to serve ads to buyers that are just being introduced to your brand.

Has your brand started reaching out to new people yet? Get their attention with a Meteora prospecting campaign.

  1. Optimize, then optimize some more. Be weary of the temptation to add too many filters. Meteora’s segmenting tools are incredibly powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. No need to worry – contact Meteora’s account team at accounts@meteora.co to discuss your needs and make sure that you haven’t gone overboard. Proper segmentation is critical to the success of your campaigns, and it can make a world of difference when well-executed. Learn more about refining your targeting in this blog post.

  2. Build solid landing pages. Speaking of optimization, quality landing pages encourage buyers to follow through. The more attractive and well-designed the landing page, the more likely you are to gain conversions from your Meteora campaign. Our best advice? Implement A/B testing and read our blog entry about landing pages.

  3. Be creative. Have fun. Your ads need to be attractive enough to hold a user’s attention. Keep your visual elements clean, and avoid getting too detailed. The busier and more complicated your ads look, the more work it will feel like to look at them. As a general rule of thumb, stick to a complimentary color scheme and communicate a clear benefit that encourages users to click. You know your audience, so have fun crafting ads that are unique to them!

  4. Strengthen your social media presence. The more site traffic you generate, the more your user pool will grow. This leads to a greater number of buyers for the Meteora platform to serve ads to on your behalf. Attracting viewers to your site is simple using social media, and many consumers already expect businesses to maintain company profiles. Want more info on how you can start using social media to improve your campaigns? Check out this blog.

  5. Use solid copy. Invest time in the verbiage of your ads. If you have several distinct audiences, write ads to appeal to the desires of each group. Construct a few awesome, attention-grabbing benefit statements, and weave them into your ad groups.  Keep your campaigns up-to-date by changing wording to promote holidays, back to school, or any other time-sensitive event that is relevant to your brand.

  6. Implement a powerful CTA. Make users want to click your ads. Get creative and experiment with a call-to-action that is exciting, not generic. Your CTA is the final push to get users to take action, so establish a sense of urgency. Buyers hate to feel like they’ve missed out on a valuable opportunity.

  7. Include mobile ad sizes. You’ll want to cover as many bases as possible to ensure that your audience sees your ads. It is undeniable that the growing popularity of mobile devices has increased the need for varying ad types. Your ads need to be optimized for the devices that they’ll be displayed on, which is why we recommend including as many recommended ad sizes as you can. Read more about Meteora’s mobile capabilities here.


Cheesy metaphorical path to success – You get the idea

If you have any questions about improving your campaigns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome accounts team at accounts@meteora.co! Speak to a real, live human that’s got the knowledge and desire to make your brand do well. Did we mention that they’re awesome? We think our clients are awesome, too.


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