At Meteora, we know more about your customers than ever before. We see a MASSIVE amount of users across web, mobile, and social network traffic feeds everyday. Meteora’s data science team and programmatic learning software carefully determines the best individuals and locations to show your ads. Our datasets have detailed targeting awareness” tracking social, on-site, checkout and ad interaction events. As a result, we’re generating higher click through rates, higher conversion rates, better engagement metrics, loyal customers, more sales, more leads, and a giant leap in ROI for your business.




Meteora is an advertising technology company designed to skyrocket digital sales initiatives, brand presence and client engagement. Meteora specializes in customized audience targeting” harvesting site traffic into segmented audiences for highly specific ads across the web. By tracking a website users, compiling 3rd party user data that fits advertiser goals, and optimizing ad delivery through real time bidding strategies, Meteora provides an unmatched level and quality of online targeting, while still providing the most economical CPM prices around. Visitors are given personalized, branded offers that foster buyer loyalty and action” allowing for specific marketing initiatives to be targeted to highly segmented audiences.


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Not just a ‘FLY BY’ – each moment counts big time in online space – often with only a very brief opportunity to catch the eye and motivate the action. It takes awareness, acuity and aptitude to really,truly know your brand and the people who want it -to be hovering close enough to those people at just the right time. Meteora projects your campaigns through memorable, vivid, dynamic and evoking user experiences. This is when BRAND + BUYER unite.


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People need and want to see offers that enhance their experience. Whether it’s building an arc between immediate needs, social influence, or in the devices in a user’s household. Meteora is changing the way users interact and get connected with an immediate value. Meteora focuses on how to become familiar with users’ individual needs and the needs of their closest friends. We then enhance their lives with advertising that is relevant and engaging to them specifically.

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