Meteora hucks Ambush Board CO. Through BIG air with Meteora Marketing Platform

METEORA Media announces their online social retargeting platform has greatly propelled action sports retailer Ambush Board Co. to new e-commerce heights. As it goes for many brands and e-commerce retailers, Ambush had only experienced online brand and product retargeting through narrow services such as with Google’s limited remarketing reach and optimization. Ambush needed a way to reach deep into the marketplace to find and target the right users, with the right offers at the right moments in online time.

METEORA targeting platform was aligned on the backend to shuttle Ambush to and through the biggest online ad-space reach possible. Right out of the gate, Ambush Board Co.’s dynamic online ads obtained CTRs of .247% from an efficient cost per sale of $15. As the METEORA algorithm continued to learn and adapt to each individual and unique website visitor, Ambush Board Co. (,,,, and began to experience an average of $42,000 in sales for every $2,000 spent with METEORA’s managed services.

“Retargeting with Meteora has skyrocketed our online sales and engagement. It is incredible to work with a company that is truly dedicated to building your brand and company in innovative ways.” — Ben Stephens, Ambush Board Co.

The online ecommerce space is endless and a massive resource for brands to build dedicated customer loyalty and retention programs. METEORA is a real time online advertising technology that reins in illusive web traffic and propels a brand in and through the ripe buyer horizon. With over 12.3 billion ad impressions seen each day, METEORA creates perfect moments in time for brands and buyers to unite. Advanced technology collects, tracks, curates, and scores visitors into finely defined segments — allowing synchronized presentation of highly dynamic ads to a potential customer’s real time interests. As people navigate the web, METEORA intelligent technology knows to create specific, individualized offers to mirror needs and wants — the result is enhanced customer loyalty through social engagment, consistently improving brand awareness and most efficient commerce for all!

“METEORA is super proud to work with Ambush and the action sports marketplace. The company was literally founded because of the passion we have for action sports. It is such a pleasure to work with Ambush and it’s an awesome to watch our technology work powerfully to help expand the Ambush brand impact online. This is why we are here — to enhance the path ahead.” — Nick Waken Paschal, METEORA Co-founder and CEO.

METEORA will be formally introducing new products to the action sports market at the upcoming AGENDA show in Long Beach, CA this July.


Ambush Board Co. is universally recognized global leader in Action Sports retail. Founded in 1997 in Kennesaw, Georgia, Ambush is operated by a core group of devoted individuals who are deeply invested in the Action Sports community, and has evolved by staying true to their essential principles of Service, Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment and Passion.   Ambush Board Co. has built an action sports network that serves hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts through a mastered online presence. Ambush Board Co. is one of the top name retailers for a variety of action sports verticals that consist of skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and more.  Ambush always has been and always will be unyielding in their collective efforts to push the progression of Action Sports retail. Learn more about Ambush Boarding Co. at

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