Best Quick Fixes to Refine Your Retargeting Campaign

Refining Retargeting

One of the coolest things about retargeting is its ability to hyper-focus on unique audiences, but with great power comes great responsibility. When it comes to segmenting, being too picky doesn’t always work in your favor. We’ll tackle this issue by honing in on the best practices for segmenting your audience.

Here are three quick ways to refine your campaigns and attract a great user pool.

Determine if your ads are specific to certain areas.

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1.) Identify if geo-targeting is appropriate.

When you’re setting geographic parameters, sometimes leaving your campaign open is better. Restricting your geo-targeting can cause you to miss users, some of which could have been interested buyers! However, If your ads are location-specific, this option has the potential to accomplish some pretty cool things.

Geo-targeting can help you avoid spending your budget too quickly in areas that aren’t relevant. For example, you would not want to promote your ads in areas where your product, service, or deal isn’t offered, so you can set your geo-targeting accordingly.

Your sales numbers and Meteora campaign reports may offer valuable insights. If you can pinpoint specific regions where campaigns are especially successful, you could then aim more advertisements towards that area. Localizing campaigns lets you customize the content to the area it is targeting. For example, a business in Houston advertising locally could integrate city culture or lingo into advertisements to make them more appealing to its audience.

Knowing where your campaigns perform best allows you to allocate different budgets towards different areas. Is Dallas responding significantly better than Phoenix? Try splitting the single campaign into two separate campaigns and placing a greater emphasis on the budget for your Dallas-centered promotions. An added bonus? Segmenting this way enables you to assign different landing pages to different areas. You can send your Dallas clicks to one page and your Phoenix clicks to another. Get creative here with a highly-targeted call-to-action or whatever other content you can make feel more individualized.

Visual overload can cause us to tune out messaging.

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2.) Set reasonable frequency caps.

Wondering what the effective frequency for your campaign is? When it comes to estimating the number of times a user needs to see your ad to click, there is no magic number. According to an article in Women’s Marketing, digital ads generally require a higher number of impressions to encourage a response than other mediums – nearing approximately 10 total impressions. We advise that you avoid serving a user those solid 10 impressions in a single sitting. Like everything else in life, your ad frequency needs to be balanced. That’s where frequency capping comes in to play on the Meteora platform.

Restricting too few impressions a day can cause you to miss potential buyers. Most likely, users aren’t going to click an ad the first time they see it. Be mindful not to set your cap too low, but don’t let this deter you from considering setting one. Frequency caps can prevent the same ad from being shown to the same person too many times per day. If not properly controlled, this can lead to users experiencing ad blindness, where they are so used to seeing your ad around, that it becomes virtually unnoticeable.

This cap will be unique to your business, and you can easily set these parameters yourself in the Meteora platform. Although there is no one-size-fits-all, perfect cap, testing your campaigns and consulting with a Meteora accounts team member can get you on the right path.

Lock out sites that don’t serve your mission.

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3.) Whitelists aren’t always necessary.

Don’t assume that you know where your visitors are hanging out on the internet. Instead of whitelisting, try blacklisting off sites that are giving poor performance. Referring to your campaign reports in the Meteora platform can give you a good idea of what sites you should nix from your campaign.

As with any other marketing tactic, your retargeting campaigns should be constantly evolving based on their measured effectiveness. Check your metrics frequently and keep testing to find what works best for you.

To speak with an accounts team member and see what options may help your campaigns perform better, email us at!

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