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Your retargeting campaigns are going well, and marketing morale is on a high witnessing the results. Riding on the initial success of your campaigns, you might be eager to find more ways to boost brand awareness. Before you start shuffling your marketing strategy or performing spells on your computer screen, make sure that you’ve established a strong social media presence.

Including social media in your marketing plan has more benefits than just extending the consumer conversation. You could potentially see a boost in your Meteora retargeting campaign’s performance, because you are consistently feeding your user pool with new audience members. For example, when you send people to your site through tweets, blogs, and any other sharable content that links back to your site, the Meteora platform can then enable you to segment users based on their origin. This means that you have the power to create custom campaigns for users that come to site from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Most socialites expect brands to be present on 3-4 networks, but determining which are a good fit can be intimidating. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, the possibilities are overwhelming. As you determine which networks best suit your company’s needs, be sure to consider the factors that are critical to your success.

Quality over quantity is key. Followers want to see posts that foster stronger brand-buyer connections. Focus on a few and bring your A-game by concentrating on networks that will lend you the highest benefit.


Everyone and their mom has a Facebook account. According to a new report by Social Media Examiner, consumers expect companies to have a Facebook account more than any other social platform. What are the most popular brands saying on Facebook? They’re sharing content that inspires and engages followers. Often these include tips about how to use their products in innovative ways. Aim to post once a day on this site, and purchase ad spots to increase your reach.

Who Uses it? Although the network is used widely across all age groups, it skews towards females and teens. This platform offers the most widespread audience coverage, reaching a broad base of users across all demographic bases.

Retargeting Benefit: This audience is engaged and consistent, so interaction with them can extend the reach of your Meteora campaigns.

Pros: widespread coverage, builds brand identity, humanizes companies

Cons: paid ads are a necessary evil if you want your content to get viewed, overly promotional posts are frowned upon


This conversation starter allows brands to talk directly to followers. Its fast-paced nature makes it a great platform to maintain a consistent online presence. With many brands posting multiple times per day, it’s no wonder that this network receives so much attention. Posting continually throughout the day helps users foster strong brand connections, because they’re being exposed to your content more frequently. Just be sure that you focus on customer benefits and not solely on promotional posts.

Who Uses it? According to a study published by Adweek a little more than a year ago, the majority of users are young, affluent, educated non-white males

Retargeting Benefit: The majority of tweets contain links. When you post tweets and include  links to your site, this high-engagement social network can help skyrocket clicks and grow your user pool on the Meteora platform.

Pros: builds strong connections with audience, posts can go viral via retweets

Cons: tweets have a short lifespan unless you’re paying to promote them, being an active user requires frequent posts and time commitment


Are you a B2B Business? If a major portion of your customers include business leaders, then this may be a good option. This professional networking site connects working people together and provide resources that encourage success in their prospective fields.

Who Uses it? There’s a nearly even split across the sexes, with more than 70% of users falling between the age of 25-54. Users are employed across various disciplines, with higher education and technology related fields ranking the highest. Click here for an in depth analysis.

Retargeting Benefit: Many companies use this platform to share their original content, such as blog posts, job openings and product updates. These all provide opportunities to be redirected to your site and grow your user pool.

Pros: Joining groups is a great promotional tool, easy way to find new hires, rich content

Cons: Lower engagement than other social sites


If you’re hoping to show your products in action, there’s no better medium. YouTube videos are seen more than four billion times per day and are simple to embed within other sites. Paid ads are widely used by businesses on this network, and fortunately for the companies airing them, they aren’t easy for channel surfers to ignore. See more video marketing stats here.

Who Uses it? 12-34 year olds made up nearly half (41%) of YouTube’s viewers in 2013

Retargeting Benefit: There is a strong link between conversions and video marketing, so exposing potential clients to your content can quickly drive site traffic and build your user pool.

Pros: Viewers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video ad for it, great for SEO, receives more than one billion unique visitors per month

Cons: incredibly time consuming to create post-worthy content, expensive to produce, can unintentionally bring attention to competitors



Although this community isn’t very talkative, they love sharing content. The site is often used to discover tutorials, products and ideas. This makes it a great option for brands who want to inspire potential customers with innovative product uses. It’s also ideal for sharing valuable blog posts. This site is aesthetically driven, so the appeal of your graphics will greatly affect the number of interactions.

Who Uses it? 80% of their users are women age 25-45

Retargeting Benefit: This site works by collecting links to landing pages based on a user’s search and news feed. A presence here will provide ample chances to increase site traffic and the size of your user pool on Meteora’s platform.

Pros: high conversion rates, images link to landing pages, posts can go viral

Cons: terrible CTR, less of a conversational network, high quality images are needed to be successful


Now that you are armed with knowledge, go forth and initiate conversations with your future customers. And while you’re at it, bring your retargeting campaigns to the next level.

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