Meteora Introduces Exclusive Weather Targeting Technology

If mother nature has ever influenced the profitability of your business, then we’ve got the solution you’ve been searching for.

Meteora just rolled out its latest innovation – weather targeting. With this cutting-edge technology, your business can quickly launch campaigns based on weather conditions.

To incorporate weather targeting, simply launch a campaign in advanced mode and slide the weather targeting bar towards on. Select the condition that affects your sales, a corresponding time frame (past, current or future conditions) and a target location. Once you have chosen a location to target, you’ll have the potential to reach ANYONE in that area – regardless of whether they’ve visited your site or not! The platform is programmed with a wide variety of weather options, so the possibilities are virtually limitless!

Here are a few of many company types that we’ve identified as good candidates for weather targeting:

HVAC Companies – High/Low Temps
Hail Damage Companies – Severe Storms
Restaurants/Bars/Coffee Shops – High/Low Temps
Construction Companies – Hurricanes/Tornados
Entertainment/Event Venues – Clear Conditions
Allergy Doctors – Allergy Season
Window Companies – Storm Season
Fencing Companies – Hurricanes/Tornados
Glass Repair Companies – Hail/Severe Storms
Real Estate — Clear Conditions
Travel Agencies — Clear Conditions
And more!
If you’d like help implementing weather targeting into your campaigns, reach out to one of our awesome accounts representative by emailing Rain or shine, we’ll get your campaigns up and rolling in no time. Meteora’s exclusive weather targeting technology is available to all clients at no additional charge, so check it out today!

photo credit: Rainy Day 8/6/2012 via photopin (license)

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