How to Build the Best Landing Pages Ever

When clients build campaigns on the Meteora platform, they are always prompted to provide landing page URLs. Just as there is an art to targeting, there is an equally important art to building landing pages. We want our clients to earn the conversions that they desire, and constructing proper landing pages is critical to that success. A landing page is not just a link to your homepage. It is a pitch to your potential clients that deserves to be well-crafted.

We’ve provided some of our best tips to help you as you build landing pages for your Meteora campaigns. Put these strategies into practice and start increasing conversions!

General Layout

Strike a balance between beauty and function. Strong aesthetic appeal can be achieved with a solid color scheme, a quality supporting image and proper use of white space. Try incorporating a video in addition to an image (or in place of it). Statistics show that video increases conversions up to 80%. Your landing page should be informative without being cluttered. Use the space above the fold for simpler info and below the fold for more detailed content. For best results, make your landing page mobile friendly.

Make important information easily accessible. Offer viewers links to details without overwhelming them upon arrival. Try removing your standard navigation links from the designated landing page to keep viewers focused. This helps prevent distraction and increases the likelihood of a viewer completing a form before leaving site.

This example from our friends at MailChimp shows how to keep the page simple and compelling. There is minimal text and the benefit is clearly communicated. They incorporate complementary colors, and the chimp’s body language points viewers to click the CTA!

Within the Copy

Be sure that your headline appeals to your target audience. Devote time to developing a well-crafted headline that clearly explains a benefit. The content should all focus on one goal. Avoid the temptation to talk about all facets of your company. Instead, hone in on matching the CTA that brought them to your landing page directly to the content within it. Depending on the composition of your audience, consider developing several landing pages with the same goal that appeal to your unique audiences.

Long vs. Short Form

Long and short forms both have the potential to perform well. It just depends on what you want. Generally, longer forms earn you higher quality submissions. Shorter forms will usually earn you more submissions but potentially compromise quality.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to make longer forms feel short. Try introducing one form field on your landing page to get an email, and lead into another page to request additional info. Instead of asking users to fill the entire form out at once, you can spread it out. Users will be happier and feel like they’re doing less work. Stick to only requesting necessary information so that users won’t spend more time than they have to. You can also experiment with spacing fields closer together to make the form appear shorter.

Your Call To Action

Your CTA must be eye-catching to be effective. It is the bread and butter of your landing page, and you should use it to the best of your ability. Use color to build contrast between it and the rest of the page. You can make it stand out with the use of visual cues. Whether you choose things like arrows or people, provide a smooth visual transition that encourages users to click that button.

Your CTA should sound like a benefit. Instead of a submit button, reword the copy to sound like a perk. Remind users why they want to submit the form – Get your free trial! Start improving my CTR now! Incorporate your CTA multiple times throughout the page, and continue convincing users that they really want to fill out the form.

Make it look tasty. Make them want it.

Build Credibility

Let buyers know that your business is legit. Show certifications and authentications to make customers trust you. Including a phone number will put buyers at ease by assuring them that they can reach out to a real, live person if they need support. In a similar fashion, making your landing pages easily sharable with social media icons encourages buyers to view your business as trustworthy. Be sure that the landing page matches the CTA that brought them there, and you’ll start off on a better foot.

This landing page from sets a great example for building credibility by mentioning two popular television shows they’ve been featured on. The woman’s eyes point towards the form field, white space is utilized and the layout is simple yet appealing.

Tell buyers what they can expect. Display a concise description of what will happen when you fill out the form. Buyers are more likely to convert when they feel assured that they know what they’re getting themselves into.

Your friends at Meteora want to help your campaigns succeed. Reach out to an account team member today at, and find out what you can do to start increasing your conversion rates!

To see examples of great landing pages, check out this post by HubSpot.

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