Offer incentives such as live product discounts, coupon codes, loyalty rewards, and more. Entice users to perform social actions, segment users by these actions, and convert 1 customer into many.

What are conversion widgets?

Grow your brands social media audience fast. Get facebook likes, tweets, social shares, and email leads like wildfire. A truly spectacular way to spike conversion for your brand.

Offer perks to your website visitors in exchange for social actions and close more sales while creating loyal customers.

Why use it?

Meteora conversion widgets enable your media campaigns to convert users through multiple marketing channels.

This allows you to gain pivotal traction through social and email marketing efforts while supporting the overall success of your retargeting and banner campaign initiatives.

What To Expect!

Convert up to 5% of your daily traffic into fans, followers or emails.
– Increase Sale Conversion up to 20%
– Lowest fan acquisition cost on the market
– High quality leads interested in your product
– Social SEO
– Reduce Cart Abandonment
– Reduce Unwarranted Affiliate Fees

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Step 1.) Setup your offer

Setup each coupon incentive you want to give your website visitors. Feature different products, targeting rules, and even your own slide out images.
setup conversion widget

Step 2.) Add your channels

Choose to showcase each of your social networks by adding your URL or usernames. Preview the widget live while creating it!
choose your conversion social networks

Step 3.) Set your widgets live

Start a widget campaign and watch your conversions come pouring in.
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Step 4.) Track engagement

Manage widgets and view important reporting metrics to track engagement.
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Let us manage your campaigns, segment out your users, and optimize your strategy specifically for your goals: