Dear Marketers, Get Psyched for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Shopping

Are you ready? Do you have a plan promote your company for the largest online sales day of the year?

According to an article by USA TODAY, buyers have shifted their holiday shopping habits more towards online purchases. Although reports state that overall holiday spending experienced a decrease last year, Cyber Monday sales were at an all-time high, rising 16% to achieve a record $2.29 billion. It’s an exciting time for online retailers, so be a part of the hype this year by following these guidelines.

ENGAGE. Build a captive audience. Refocus retargeting efforts by creating ads centered around event-specific offers and dynamic product ads. Be sure to diversify your existing campaign mix.  Segment these campaigns, especially between gift-givers and people shopping for themselves. They’ll have different motives, so make sure that your copy matches each user group. Many people are scrambling to find gifts for loved ones, and some are completely clueless about where to begin. Social media has the power to influence purchases, so encourage fans to share their story. Who are they purchasing gifts for? What’s their favorite item in your product line to give as a gift? Become a part of their story, and your brand could become a holiday hero for clueless shoppers.

EXCITE. Now that you’ve assembled an audience, get them pumped for your Cyber Monday specials. Let them in on some deals to look forward to, but build anticipation by leaving some things for a last-minute unveiling. Nothing builds excitement quite like a countdown. Add a clock to your website counting down the time until your sales begin. And as always, craft an awesome eblast highlighting irresistible offers to remind loyal customers to shop with you before anyone else.

Amazon Kindle Deals Cyber Monday

ENTICE. Tell them why they should they buy from you instead of a competitor. Give them incentives to win them over! Free shipping (even with a minimum purchase) and other freebies are sure to gain attention, especially if you use what you know about your target and what appeals to them. Make them even more satisfied with their purchase by offering special deals to thank them for their business. (For example: Thanks for your Cyber Monday purchase. Have a last minute gift to grab? Here’s $15 off your next order before Christmas.) Along the same lines of thinking, you should consider offering deals that encourage customers to come back periodically during the holiday season to redeem additional offers. Offering exciting deals that expire after a short period of time and are immediately followed up by another great deal increases the likelihood of repeat customers.

Bath & Body Works Freebies

Carters Cyber Monday Deals

Need more ideas to amp up your holiday campaigns? Check out a recent post, Embracing the Hol-Ad-Days: Maximizing Holiday Sales Potential for some inspiration. Want to know more about refocusing your seasonal retargeting campaigns? Speak with a member of the Meteora accounts team at to learn more!

Happy Holidays!

Sincerely, Meteora

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