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What are dynamic ads?

Relating to your customers needs through relevant dynamic ads is pivotal to market traction and inspiring action.

Meteora lets your brand display the exact products each individual customer showed peak interest in. Our real-time system generates ads based on every product you pass through our RECON pixels, complete with name, price, image, and more!

Why use them?

Connecting your customers with your brand at the right time is only half the battle. Our dynamic ads system shows the exact products that each individual engaged the most with.

Using dynamic ads, your campaign performance and customer attention curve increase exponentially.

Rocking metrics!

– Extreme CTR increase
– Mass conversions
– Spiked brand trust
– Loyal customers

All accomplished without requiring you to constantly update ads and spend unwanted budget on creative hours.

Generate conversion inspiring ad units without programming knowledge

Step 1.) Select template

Select an ad size and template that fits your needs. Feature multiple products, social networks, video backgrounds, and much more.
Dynamic ads template

Step 2.) Edit & Add content

Select your colors, upload your logo, choose product images, add your social networks, add youtube videos, and preview your ad live as you create it!
Edit your dynamic ads content

Step 3.) Append to campaigns

Use your custom generated ads in campaigns covering over 12+ billion available inventory impressions per day.
ad campaigns

Step 4.) Track engagement

Manage your dynamic ads performance and view product level conversion, ctr, and impression data.
ad reporting

Innovations you’ll also get. Proven to increase campaign performance!

Retargeting ad campaigns

Connect with your customers through engaging inventory sources, gain pivotal market traction, and boost your ROI.

Avg success factor


Conversion Capture Widgets

Offer loyalty rewards, live offers, and more. Transform 1 customer into multiple Retargetable friends and conversions.

Avg CVR Increase


Let us manage your campaigns, segment out your users, and optimize your strategy specifically for your goals: