All Eyes on You: Above the Fold Targeting

This week, we’re highlighting another exciting platform feature – above the fold targeting. This technology puts your brand in the spotlight. In this post, we’re giving you the inside scoop on this powerful targeting option.

What does above the fold mean?

When something is above the fold, it means that a viewer on a website can see the content without scrolling. Many viewers will leave a site before scrolling all the way to the bottom, so the content in the space above the fold is seen more frequently than items that are placed lower on a page.


How does it relate to targeting?

When your targeted ads are placed on a website, they end up above or below the fold. Standard campaign settings do not guarantee an ad location, but they will get your ads in front of prospective buyers. If you want to make your ads more powerful, place them above the fold!

Above the fold offers a better opportunity for being seen, but it can reduce the overall delivery of impressions. When you turn above the fold targeting on, you only pay for the ads placed in that space, but your ads will not be placed below. Above the fold targeting is great for businesses that know they only want their ads to appear in that space.

Why is it beneficial?

When you use Meteora’s above the fold targeting, all eyes are on you. Your ads are easily seen by site visitors. As a result, implementing above the fold targeting in your campaigns will increase the effectiveness of your ad space and marketing dollars. Meteora’s above the fold technology allows you to capture a viewer’s attention immediately, before they get distracted by other items on site.

How can clients incorporate it into their Meteora campaigns?

To add above the fold targeting to your campaign, log in to the Meteora platform and launch the campaign creator. Select the ‘Targeting Options’ tab, and slide ‘Brand Safety & Viewability’ towards on. This feature is paired with brand safety, which benefits advertisers by ensuring that ads are only placed on sites with appropriate content.

Do you have questions about how above the fold targeting can benefit your business? Contact our accounts team by emailing, and a friendly representative will work with you to determine what options best suit your needs.


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