Happy Holidays from Meteora

December 19, 2014 Events, Uncategorized

Season’s greetings from your friends at Meteora!

We’re wrapping up the year, and in celebration, we’re sharing some of our favorite holiday traditions.

Patrick’s favorites are Friendsgiving and Friendsmas. “The way FriendsGiving works is that friends get together the day after Thanksgiving and bring their leftovers. We eat, party and have a good ‘ole time. Friendsmas works kinda the same way, just with presents instead of as much food. I tell people to bring that Great Aunt Sally gift… you know the toy laser gun or barbie that she gives to you when you’re in your 20s. We wrap them up, and we trade Chinese Christmas style,” Patrick said.

Kate hosts a cookie exchange each year, and she’s a big fan of Festivus. This year she hosted her tenth annual exchange, and she estimates that more than 800 cookies made their way into her home. It was a magical event.

I (Brittany) love looking at Christmas lights, building gingerbread houses and making snowman-themed desserts. I remember one year, I watched Elf while making paper snowflakes and paper chains to decorate my room. It was tacky, but it was a blast!

Nick’s holiday traditions were especially awesome. “I would go to my grandma’s cabin in Colorado, and we always cut our own tree down. And the deer would come up on the porch and hangout with coffee,” Nick said. He even showed a picture to prove it!

Nicks Deer

This year, the Meteora team celebrated the holidays together in the best way possible: food, drinks and games. You guessed it! We hit up Dave and Buster’s for a good time.

Meteora MustacheAin’t no party like a mustache party.

Holiday Party CollageNo, we didn’t wear costumes. That was part of the collage-maker. But it sure makes things look more fun, doesn’t it?

Happy Holidays!

From your Friends at Meteora

Top photo credit: sappsnap via photopin cc

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