Sync audiences to Twitter

Sync geofence audiences to Twitter

Get started:

Twitter custom audiences from geofence signals can be extremely lucrative. Our technology gives you the ability to draw a virtual boundary around real world locations, and then collect and sync those users to target within Twitter advertising campaigns.

You will need to have a Twitter advertising account and access to admin privileges in order to upload new audiences. Login to your account and navigate to your advertising dashboard.

  1. Select the "Tools" -> "Audience manager" option in the top navigation dropdown

  2. Select the "Create new audience" blue button

  3. Select "Upload your own list"

  4. Follow on screen instructions to upload your Meteora CSV file of Mobile IDFA's

Sync time:

Twitter will immediately start adding qualifying Twitter users to your audience. Your audience will show as "too small" in your Audience Manager until 100 Twitter users have been added.

Finally, you can target your audience on Twitter with any campaign channel you desire.

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