Meteora and ReadyPulse partner to create ads from social posts

Meteora and ReadyPulse partner for the industries first solution to turn social photos and videos into ads

Alliance enables brands to extend social content from sponsored athletes

Meteora’s Ad-tech platform has announced a partnership with ReadyPulse, the leading Social Content Marketing Platform, to turn social photos from sponsored athletes into rich media ads.

Meteora’s targeting services and social network data libraries, provide brands with an untapped level of global market reach and monetization. ReadyPulse is known as the sole innovator in culling the most engaging and relevant social user generated content for brands. The combination together, allows for brands to access a vast inventory of dynamic ad creative, one that has been proven to be highly effective, and that can be micro-targeted to audiences.

Brands have struggled to determine the ROI of their sponsored athlete programs and have not been able to convert the high social engagement rate of their athletes into commerce. Using patented technology, the ReadyPulse platform provides an automated way for brands to identify, index, and display their best content in a relative context, like a product page. Now with Meteora, ReadyPulse content can be distributed as a rich media ad on a global scale. 

Meteora Ad
Meteora Ad

“We know the most effective advertising is an authentic approach. Our customers want to see our athletes in action. Meteora and ReadyPulse have cut our creative budget time, giving us access to a vast array of existing inventory and content that we already know our customers respond to. This increases our ROI on athletes, and leverages them to produce more content related to our brand. Having the content be present on our product pages as well is an added bonus.” Brian Landrigan, BERN Unlimited Marketing Director


Meteora developed a platform to analyze web traffic and identify the perfect moments in time for brands and buyers to unite. Advanced technology to track and place visitors into finely defined segments allows for synchronized presentation of dynamic ads to a potential customer’s real-time interests. As people navigate the web, Meteora creates specific, individualized offers to mirror buyer needs and wants. The result is realized when a customer is presented with ads from sponsored athletes that are proven to engage them specifically, based on the photo’s engagement data proven through social media. 

“We are stoked to partner with Meteora. Our brand clients love the idea to leverage their most valuable asset, content from sponsored athletes, in dynamic, relevant, and scalable way. We have also had great responses from sponsored athletes as well who are looking for ways to tie their social activity closer to the brands that sponsor them.” Dennis O’Malley, ReadyPulse Co-founder and CEO.

“Our alliance with ReadyPulse brings unimaginable value and opportunity, we really look forward to watching the impact of our two technologies together.  The momentum to market really needs the intelligence of ReadyPulse. Our clients can realize the best of targeted and retargeted marketing efforts with the added social media power. This will be an incredible ride.” Nick Waken Paschal, Meteora Co-founder and CEO.

Together, Meteora and ReadyPulse can help brands get an ROI from their sponsored athlete programs, determine which athletes to sponsor and promote, and give their fans and customers what they want; the highest quality content from their favorite athletes, in the context of their shopping and buying experiences.

See Meteora alongside ReadyPulse at the upcoming AGENDA show in Long Beach, CA /July 24th-25th 2013.



ABOUT ReadyPulse

ReadyPulse provides the only self-service solution to help online brands and retailers collect and display their best customers’ coolest content including photos, videos, and testimonials on websites, e-commerce sites and on in-store displays.  Social networks supported include, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Patented Technology and Data analytics allows ReadyPulse to identify the most influential customer content based on multiple criteria, such as audience value, content type, content engagement, user sentiment and user intent. ReadyPulse customers include O’Neill, GoPro, Cost Plus, World Market, and Under Armour, among others.  ReadyPulse has locations in Bellevue WA and Sunnyvale CA.  For more information visit:


Meteora is an advertising technology company designed to skyrocket digital sales initiatives, brand presence, and client engagement. Meteora specializes in customized audience targeting – harvesting site traffic into segmented audiences for highly specific ads across the web.  By tracking a brand’s website users, compiling 3rd party user data that fits advertiser goals, and optimizing ad delivery through real time bidding strategies, Meteora provides an unmatched level and quality of online targeting. Visitors are given personalized, branded offers that foster buyer loyalty and action – allowing for specific marketing initiatives to be targeted to highly segmented audiences. Meteora has locations in Dallas TX and Aspen CO. For more information visit: (.co intentional)


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