Meteora Introduces its Advanced Targeting Suite

Advanced Targeting

Ready to expand the reach of your digital display campaigns?

This month, we rolled out Meteora’s Advanced Targeting Suite. Now, you have the ability to identify, target and serve ads to users based on parameters that you choose – you are in control! You can target users that your brand has yet to interact with based on relevant keywords, categories and locations. Combined with the powerful segmentation of the Meteora platform, advertisers are now armed with tools to leverage both new and existing customers.

Advanced Targeting Options:

Keyword: There are users looking for your business, whether they know it yet or not! Put yourself in the spotlight and get matched to an audience that is actively searching for your offerings. Select up to 10 keywords relevant to your company, and Meteora will do the rest. For example, if you’re selling a beauty product, selecting keywords like cosmetics, hair products, best cosmetics and makeup can increase the visibility of your display ads.

Category: Find buyers that have never visited your site by selecting content categories related to your audience’s online behavior. Our system classifies hundreds of thousands of sites so that we can deliver your display ads to users with similar interests. In practice, this tool can aid businesses like a toy company by targeting users who have visited sites within the family and children category.

Geo Targeting: Get local by connecting with new audiences in specific markets and cities. It’s simple to point your digital marketing in the right direction by promoting your ads with geo targeting. For example, a retailer trying to connect with fans of a Dallas area sports team can target the Dallas/Fort Worth DMA.

Meteora’s advanced targeting technology is available to all clients at no additional charge. To get started, contact an accounts representative and provide them with your budget, keywords and creative. Our team will get your campaign built on the fly so that you can start seeing results in no time!

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