Meteora Launches New Retargeting Platform

Meteora Retargeting Platform Launch

Greetings! In case you didn’t hear, Meteora’s got some big news. Our dedication to delivering the simplest user experience led us to launch our latest gadget – an innovative, self-service, retargeting platform. Intended to cater to those with little to no advertising industry familiarity, the new technology features ad builders, extreme user segmenting and real-time reporting.

Meteora’s ad builders provide you with a user-friendly advertisement design app that allows you to instantly develop engaging ads without outsourcing. Complimentary access to ad builders is provided to Meteora users and allows them to contend with major competitors, negating the need for a creative agency or programming experience.

The new platform distinguishes itself by utilizing extreme user segmentation. In addition to segmenting features generally offered by retargeting platforms, you’ll have the ability to promote products to potential customers who have viewed specific or related items within a range of time specified by you – ranging from 0-90 days. This unique feature increases the likelihood of your brand being present when interested, targeted users are prepared to buy.

Meteora is the only self-service platform with real time reporting, allowing up-to-the-minute glimpses into a campaign’s performance. This eliminates the usual, several hour waiting period typically experienced while refreshing data using other platforms.

Retargeting enables companies to advertise to potential customers by developing ads that are unique and specific to each viewer. The ads are generated from data collected through browser history and cookies, making them more meaningful and attractive.

If your company is looking to expand its client base and wants to witness high ROI rates, you have the opportunity to be the first to experience Meteora’s revolutionary technology. The new platform boasts features unparalleled by competitors at a fraction of the cost.

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