Mobile Uprising – Why Mobile Advertising is a Marketer’s Dream

Welcome to the mobile revolution. We’ve entered a time where it has never been more important for businesses to optimize their digital display ads and websites for mobile usage. But instead of simply highlighting mobile as a vital business tool, we think it will be more beneficial to focus on the phenomenal business opportunity it presents.

I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s the new addiction that’s sweeping the nation, and nearly everyone’s got it within arm’s reach. Americans are glued to their phones.

A recent study by digital analytics firm Flurry showed that Americans now spend 2 hours and 57 minutes on their phone EVERY day, significantly surpassing average time spent viewing television. This time is spread throughout the day and grants marketers direct communication with potential buyers at all hours. Mobile advertising is a marketer’s dream.

Access to a buyer’s mobile browsing trends and location has accelerated the push towards programmatic buying. More advertisers are targeting with Meteora in order to foster brand-buyer relationships, and Meteora’s Advanced Targeting Suite is making it even easier for brands to extend their reach across devices.

“Meteora is extremely excited about the mobile performance generated by our recently released proximity targeting. By allowing brands to unite with customers based on real-world location, we effectively communicate a call to action that is naturally captivating and converts like crazy.” ~ Nicholas Waken-Paschal, founder of Meteora

Localized ads have a strong influence over purchase behavior. Imagine seeing an advertisement or coupon on your phone for the restaurant you’re driving by. This may not be hard to imagine, especially since some applications already embrace this technology. We’re surrounded by evidence of digital advertising’s influence.

In a study completed by Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, the two most important factors contributing to marketing success (aside from creative) were a brand’s ability to adopt new technology and to build a strategy centered around buyer’s media consumption habits. Being armed with data and becoming an early adopter make brands significantly more likely to surpass competition. Meteora is prepared with the technology to make your brand thrive across all devices.

Mobile is the way of the future, and brands need to embrace this channel or prepare to be left behind. Go with your buyers, wherever they are. But do it quickly.

To read more about the benefits of adding mobile ads into your Meteora campaign, check out this blog post. You’ll also find important information about how to incorporate them into your campaign within the platform.

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