How Retargeting Benefits Small & Local Businesses

Small Business Owners

Retargeting has become a critical component of the marketing mix, especially for local businesses. It’s in a company’s best interest to utilize retargeting platforms, because they aim to increase brand exposure to potential customers that have already shown interest in buying the products and services you sell. So what makes Meteora’s retargeting platform suitable for small businesses?

It fits any budget.
With Meteora’s new cutting-edge platform, users experience hassle-free conversions without confusing industry lingo and steep charges. Users customize budgets for campaigns starting at $50, making it an extremely low-cost advertising option. Low cost paired with extreme user-segmenting make retargeting a financial no-brainer for small businesses looking to generate website traffic and sales.

It spends your ad dollars efficiently.
Unlike competitors, Meteora offers advice to increase the likelihood that your ads are getting the attention that they deserve. We estimate the reach that you’re likely to receive, and we provide you with solutions to increase it. This feature allows Meteora to serve as your media planner while you create campaigns. You’ll kill two birds with one stone.

It’s simple and eliminates the need for a creative department.
Our easy-to-use platform cuts out the need for a middleman. Meteora’s patent-pending ad builders make it easy and convenient for clients to develop engaging advertisements, so no creative department is required. This convenient feature allows local businesses to compete with larger contenders, regardless of programing skills (or lack thereof).

It brings buyers back to your page.
Be there when they want to buy. Retargeting tracks potential customers’ browsing history and uses that data to create an ultra-customized audience. These advertisements have the ability to be so individualized that buyers are more likely to develop a bond with the brand. For example, if a local gym has gathered information that a woman is interested in physical fitness and is getting married soon, targeted ads could offer her the help she needs to look her best on her wedding day along with a customized offer. Meteora’s retargeting platform allows you to speak with large audiences in a way that feels surprisingly human.

It opens the door to a larger group of buyers.
If your business takes online orders, retargeting can boost sales from customers outside of your company’s usual, local client base. Building a larger network of interested buyers is inherently beneficial for companies, especially if they are looking to extend sales efforts outside of the business’ physical location. Paired with ultra-customized segmentation, Meteora’s retargeting platform has become the ultimate weapon for small companies looking to grow.

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