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We build you real Instagram followers that love and buy your products or services

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How does it work?

Highly targeted, simple, inexpensive, and easy to track.

1.) Tell us who your ideal customer is

The physical locations they go to, hashtags they use, or even events they attend.

2.) We automate getting them engaged with you

We will like, follow, or comment on social posts made by your ideal customer. This peaks their interest and as a result, they seek out information about your product or service. We use advanced machine learning algorithms to help your dedicated Vizns social media manager engage with only real people on Instagram. In the background, this same intelligence blocks fake spam bots from following you or sending you direct messages.

3.) They become loyal customers

Repeatedly market to your fanbase over time and grow revenue. You can even automate commenting on customer photos or sending them a private message to remind them of your products from time to time.
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Our tools have been used by some of the biggest brands on the planet:

What you get:

Get followers, likes, engagement, store walk-ins, site visits, and phone calls

24/7 Account Management Support

Gain massive brand traction without huge marketing budgets

No contract or long term commitments

Build a lucrative fanbase community you'll leverage forever

Use trusted payments through Amazon, Stripe, or PayPal

Social marketing that actually works and we have a free trial to prove it!

Get everything you need to grow your business with Instagram without startup fees or contracts.

Avg increase in engagement our customers see:


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How can I track that it works?

Get weekly update emails and even see a live dashboard filled with cool stats to help you grow. You can even verify calls, site visits, and more directly on your Instagram account for 3rd party peace of mind!

See it in action
Meteora dashboard
insights dashboard

Solutions for any budget

All plans come with exceptional support, managed service help, and a self service dashboard!
wrappixel kit
Influencers, Creators, Personal
  • Location targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Self service dashboard
  • Algorithms optimize your targets


wrappixel kit
CMO, Marketing Guru, Social lead
  • Location targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Event targeting
  • Competitor targeting
  • Algorithms optimize your targets
  • Auto block spam bots
  • Managed setup
  • Dedicated support


wrappixel kit
Real estate, automotive, entertainment
  • + Everything companies get
  • Direct Message interactions
  • Bad sentiment detection and brand safety
  • Pre-populated event targets for your industry
  • Social strategies for enterprise
  • We build your social pages if you don't have them
  • Auto-posting (MLS listings, automotive inventory, custom feed, etc.)
  • The fastest way to become huge in your market!


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