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How does it work?

Highly sophisticated, built from over 3 years of scanning 77,000+ influencer fanbases.

Step 1: Sign up and authorize your Instagram with us

Our software will login to your account so we can block on your behalf (don't worry, no human will have access to your username or password).

Step 2: Tell us if you want to purge OR just block bots going forward

Our software will scan your current followers or any new followers and assign them a fake user/ bot score. If the score is higher than the threshold you set we will automatically block them for you. We use algorithms to determine and find bot patterns, Instagram pods, and purchased followers. Our bot scanning abilities have been featured in DigiDay magazine, Inc, and even Forbes!

Step 3: View live stats as our system sifts your new and old followers

Get insight on each follower we blocked for you including their fraud score, time we blocked them, and Instagram username.
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Brands with real followers get real revenue!

Remain brand safe while monsterously increasing your social sales conversion rate.

Increase real profile visits by an avg of:


Block fake Instagram followers

Can I see who you blocked?

Yes! See every user we block on your behalf in our dashboard including the fraud score our algorithm assigned them. 0-100 (100 being the worst bot!)

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