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Get Instagram followers that hashtag specific topics, companies, events, trends, or products.

Use hashtag targeting
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Step 1: Add Instagram hashtags to target

Hashtag targeting can be extremely lucrative when used correctly. Top brands seek out trending top tags in their markets with our recommendations tool. Never get left behind trying to find viral opportunities to grow your Instagram followers.

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Step 2: Automate the conversation

We will reach out using your engagment type to get your ideal audiences attention. Use the {{Target}} macro and we will automatically personalize your message with the hashtag the person used.

See how location targeting is used to build followers in:

  • food and beverage influencer
  • Food & beverage

    Top ways local restaurants market on Instagram.

    Food & Beverage
  • real estate influencer
  • Real estate

    How unknown agents are becoming neighborhood rockstars.

    Real estate
  • amazon sellers
  • E-commerce

    Tips for viral e-commerce Instagram marketing.

    Amazon sellers
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