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Are the followers I get real?

Yes, however we will not avoid fake followers that target you organically on the FREE plan. You will need a paid plan to protect your brand.

Can I use my account while using Meteora?

Absolutely. Our services do not get in the way of you using your account and post content regularly on your page.

Can I change my username or target audience?

When you change your username or password please also change it on your settings page so that we can continue service. You may change target audiences at anytime.

If I cancel do I lose my Followers?

The followers you have gained have followed you only because they actively chose to and are interested in the content of your Instagram page. Therefore they may unfollow you at their discretion just like any other follower.

How do I block fake followers?

Navigate to your Instagram settings under the top nav item "Settings". Toggle the blocking features you wish to employ.

Why do you need my login?

Your username and password are stored securely within our software and will never be shared with 3rd parties or ANY human being. It is used to manage your account on your behalf so we have full access to grow your account with the most lucartive strategies.

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