Targeted Advertising – Obnoxious or Awesome?

We understand that there can be a lot of noise generated by display advertising. Amid all that noise, we’ve caught on to some skepticism towards the retargeting community. We’ve heard company executives complain about seeing ads nine months after viewing content. We’ve been told that retargeting platforms are complicated and difficult to operate. There’s even rumors floating around that retargeting isn’t cost effective.

Well, we’re ready to let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t have to be that way. They’ve got retargeting all wrong. In fact, it’s Meteora’s mission to make your advertising experience rock.

Let’s dive a little deeper….

  1. Meteora is a leader in site retargeting – the most valued form of targeting. We gather viewers based on actions that they’ve taken on your site. We’re only talking to the people that have told us that they’re interested in you. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming to offer powerful targeting. Some use data that could be outdated or no longer relevant to viewers.
  2. Site retargeting works. At Meteora, we limit the length of time that the user has been in a pool. We don’t just look at the users; we have tech in place to show them relevant ads based on highly specific data, such as pages viewed, products, or even SKU numbers viewed. To sum it up, we won’t waste your ad dollars on outdated user pools. Don’t spend another dollar on viewers that have moved on. They’ve moved on, and so should you!
  3. Our platform was made for you. We carefully crafted our self-service platform to be as easy to use as possible, and we left out all the confusing industry lingo. We’re constantly working to ensure that your campaigns are a breeze to build, and if you do have any issues, a real, live person will be there for you to resolve whatever problems you face. Our all-star accounts team is here for you.
  4. Meteora users experience hassle-free conversions without steep charges. Users customize budgets for campaigns starting at $50, making it an extremely low-cost advertising option. Low cost paired with extreme user-segmenting makes retargeting a financial no-brainer for small businesses looking to generate website traffic and sales.

For those of you who aren’t sure why retargeted advertisements are scattered across the web, here’s the scoop. Digital advertisements help cover the costs that keep your favorite sites running. They’re nothing new, but they’ve definitely evolved. And believe it or not, it’s more beneficial to you now than it used to be.

In the past, these ads were placed following a more blanketed approach. If a leading diaper manufacturer wanted to sell more diapers online, everyone could potentially see their placements. Over time, the technology has improved, allowing advertisers to make better use of their marketing dollars. Instead of serving ads to everyone, they’re starting conversations with the people that have intent to buy.

Internet users can argue that they don’t want to see any ads, but that’s very hard to manage in the world we live in today. Publishers need to monetize their content and advertisers need to get an audience beyond the search engines.

We’re Meteora, and we’re a retargeting platform that scores quality ad placements for businesses and skyrockets digital marketing effectiveness. We’re here to help consumers see more of what they’re into and less of what bores them. We’re making web browsing a more enjoyable, relevant atmosphere for businesses and buyers alike.

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