Top 3 Reasons You Should Include Mobile Ads in Your Campaigns


We want your campaigns to be as effective as possible, and we’re dedicated to making your retargeting experience worthwhile.

That’s why we are excited to announce that mobile advertising is now integrated into the Meteora platform. We’re convinced that this handy new feature is totally essential to your campaigns moving forward.

Let us tell you why!

  1. Mobile is taking over the internet. According to a report by comScore, “mobile platforms — smartphones and tablets — combined to account for 60% of total digital media time spent, up from 50% a year ago.” People are using the internet on their mobile devices more than ever. More than half of web surfers are reaching into their pockets to get the latest on the world around them. This browsing preference is now responsible for the overwhelming majority of site traffic, so updating your Meteora campaigns and adding image sizes that are optimized for mobile viewers is not only logical – it’s highly suggested!

  2. You’ll increase campaign exposure. Research from market research firm GlobalWebIndex concludes that “nearly 80 percent of people worldwide now own a smartphone, while almost 50 percent have a tablet.” Once your ads are optimized for mobile, the number of viewers you have access to is HUGE. Since the vast majority of people own a mobile device, advertisers have access to viewers across a virtually unlimited range of target markets. To further take advantage of mobile ad placements, include multiple mobile ad units in your campaigns. This will increase the probability of extending the overall reach of your campaigns.

  3. Buyers are always within reach. Literally. People are glued to their phones, so you can reach customers anytime, anywhere. Smartphone dependency is a cultural phenomenon that has people checking their devices constantly, sometimes hearing phantom rings. The prevalence of mobile device addiction is good news for advertisers! Since you can reasonably assume that buyers will have a mobile device on their person during the hours that they are awake, you have a wide range of options for segmenting. Send time-sensitive ads to buyers when it matters – NOW! Thanks to mobile advertising, you can remain relevant, even after the laptop has been stowed away.

Ready to get your mobile ads rolling?

Log on to the Meteora platform. Go to the “Ads” page, listed under “Advertiser Controls.” Locate the “Create Ads” blue drop-down menu and select “Upload Banners.” You can upload your mobile ads from this screen. The ad sizes that we recommend are listed below (300×50 and 300×75 are the most popular). Keep in mind that the more ad sizes you upload within a campaign, the greater the likelihood that your ad will be placed in front of buyers. Once your mobile-friendly banners have been uploaded to the Meteora platform, select an ad group to file it within, assign it to a landing page, and click “Add Banner.” Viola! Your campaign is now optimized for mobile users.

Mobile Ad Sizes:








We’re here to help you get results. We recommend that you cover as many bases as you can, and get your ads out there to masses. Meteora’s new mobile advertising capabilities are doing just that.

Need any assistance building your campaigns? Reach out to one of Meteora’s fantastic account team members at!


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