Why You Should Add Meteora To Your Marketing Mix

November 11, 2014 Ad Tech, Food for thought, Press, Retargeting

We’re the new guys in town and you already use retargeting. So why should you care about Meteora? Simple. We offer better value than our competitors and can supplement your existing retargeting efforts. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Not all retargeting platforms are created equal. At Meteora, we specialize in site retargeting, and we’re pretty darn good at it. If you want more bang for your buck and quality is top priority, we offer an incredible solution. Before you ditch your current provider, give us a test to experience the benefits of our platform, and we are pretty confident that you will pick us to be part of your team.

You may be wondering why you’d want to have more than one retargeting company on your side. Well for one, we have different inventory sources than our competitors. Meteora can draw data from user pools that your current campaigns aren’t utilizing, and then we can expand your ad reach outside of the limited networks you’ve already been reaching. Add us in to your marketing mix and reap the benefits.

My favorite feature, hands down? Ultra-segmenting. Our platform will enable your campaigns to be more efficient. Whether you’re looking to find users that have viewed specific SKU codes or have spent a certain dollar amount on your site, we can find them. If you want to target people who converted after visiting your site or people who have visited your page X-number of times, we can help you there too — all with a single pixel. You set the parameters in our self-service platform and watch the impressions soar. You won’t find segmenting as flexible and nimble as ours with competitors.

Take a peek.

Extreme Segmenting

In addition to providing exceptional value and return on ad spend, we geared the Meteora platform to be totally user-friendly. We’ll get you started quickly and get this — you won’t have to wait for your user pool to reach 1,000 users like other retargeting companies. Ready to try us out? With Meteora, there’s no requirement for long-term contracts, so give it a shot.

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