Geofencing made simple:

Unlimited Geofences, Device ID lists for Social Media uploads,

Location Filtering, & Seriously cool reporting.

Mobile web/ app • Leading exchanges • Managed service

Step 1: Target the right customers

Draw unlimited geofences around locations in the real world likely to see foot traffic from your target customers.

Step 2: Augment ad delivery awesome with filtration signals

Layer on frequency, IDFA lists, IP targets, geography, 3rd party data segments, and more.

Step 3: Realize success with bleeding-edge analytics

Reporting breakdowns include a device, domain/ app, geofence, ad, campaigns, and conversion metrics showcasing exactly how well your ads ran.

Step 4: Client success breakdown sessions

Gain insight into results and next steps for follow-on campaigns with our client success team in one-on-one sessions with analytic reviews and industry trends.

Clients that have leveraged our programmatic advertising tools:

Ready to start your geotargeted ad campaign?

You can spin up a campaign in no time and be on your way to attracting relevant in-market customers.