Geofencing made simple:

Unlimited Geofences, Device ID lists for Social Media uploads,

Location Filtering, & Seriously cool reporting.

Geofencing done right and great analytics.

Our bleeding-edge technology can give you better cost control over your bids on ad campaigns.

  • We only grab 6 decimal places lat & long and this will get you single home level.
  • SSPs (exchanges) have quietly moved to supplying most location data with only 2 decimal places, or less, in order to be able to supply more ads to any geo-based campaign.
  • By reducing the requirement for more accurate location information they open the door to more devices.

Clients that have leveraged our programmatic advertising tools:

Available in Late 2023 access to CTV streaming ads with no minimums on these apps and more!

Accurate Targeting

  • Be able to provide accurate conversion data on the devices that visit a targeted zone after receiving an ad impression.
  • Bid our geofencing campaigns on devices with accurate location data.
  • Retarget the same users and target users based on location.

Improved Mapping

  • Improved mapping in the reporting will now gracefully print to PDF or paper printouts without issues.
  • Selecting any geofence in the reporting section will zoom in and highlight the fence for easy verification of location.
  • If selected the report will also print whichever fence is highlighted at the time of printing.